Shí'k'éí dóó Shí'dine'

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Promoting YOU! Reaching Navajos & Native Relations Worldwide

Yá'át'ééh! My name is Davina Harrison. I am the owner and founder of Navajo in the City from Colorado. Through my online business, I offer to promote YOU in your endeavors; arts and crafts, social media, personal businesses, Diné bizaad merchandise, and more. I’ve been bridging the gap between many Navajos and other Native Relations living on the reservations, and those living in the cities and overseas (military).

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I activated my Facebook page, "Navajo in the City" a few years ago. It is where I do "Nothing but Everything, Everything but Nothing"" such as the following activities:

  • Cooking
  • Teaching Navajo Language
  • Creating Arts and Crafts
  • Checking in From Where Ever I Travel
  • Interviewing Veterans and Interesting Folks
  • Posting Public Service Announcements
  • ...and MORE!

About Little Ole Me

Yá'át'ééh shik'éí dóó shidine'! Shí éí Davina Tallman Harrison yinishyé. Tódích’íí’nii nishłį́, Iberian bashishchiin, Kin łichii'nii dashicheii, Iberian dashinalí. Ákót’éego diné asdzáán nishłį́.

People are my passion! I’ve always enjoyed engaging with new and former friends, many of whom we spent time and became family. This passion of mine has led me to discover a need to represent Navajo and Native creativities and ventures like arts and craft, social media, small enterprises, fashion/designers, and more. My favorite part of providing and growing this platform is that, it allows me to serve my people in some small way. Its also tons of fun to see what's new and developing in our Navajo/Native communities.  

I have a full time job as an Environmental, Health, and Safety Manager with a wonderful company that provides me training and travel opportunities. During work travels, I like to meet, greet, and eat with local Navajos and Natives. This helps me build long-lasting relationships across the states.

When I’m not working, I like to get my mind and hands moving with photography, cooking new recipes, learning to sew, creating crafts, generating videos, and working to improve this web page. Oh.. and sign up for 1/2 marathons because it keeps these old bones moving.

I’m a simple Rez girl from Tsa Bii Kin, AZ who lives in the city and loves to explore. I think of myself as a social butterfly who dreams of becoming a Navajo leading lady in the Promotion/Advertising industry.

I gained YOUR trust, THANK YOU! Let's journey together and make a path for our young ones to follow.

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[email protected] / Cell 720.486.4009

Look up NITC on social media platforms.

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